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The best way way out of a bad situation is through education and then to have mentorship from someone who can lead you to a better outcome.

NewPath Education Program

Having a reliable form of transportation is one of the most critical components for individuals to succeed and climb out of bad situations. However, usually those in difficult situations get taken advantage of when it comes to purchasing cars. 

With little to no credit, many are forced to go to dealers who charge too much for the car and offer interest rates that make it nearly impossible to pay off. The result can wreak havoc on their personal finances. 

Members at NewPath Foundation has spent the last 30 years perfecting car ownership programs for situations just like this. We teach people how to:

1). Create and follow a financial budget

2). Understand what kind of car they can afford and what their monthly payments should be

3). How to understand car values based on the age of the car, the condition, and the mileage

4). How to improve their personal credit so they can upgrade to a nicer car as soon as possible

5). Ongoing support and guidance throughout their car ownership journey

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