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The NewPath To Car Ownership

Educating the vulnerable to take back control of their car ownership


Everyday, those most vulnerable in 

our society are taken advantage of

in their car ownership. 


Their credit or financial situation forces them to buy overpriced cars
with shockingly high interest rates. These two factors alone make it almost impossible
to ever improve their car ownership possibilities. 
Not anymore. NewPath Foundation was created to help the most vunlerable in our
society take a NewPath to car ownership.


Our revolutionary educational programs teaches people how to buy the right car, and how to make car ownership work for them, not the bank

Car Ownership

Once educated, we help our Clients get into reliable transportation that doesn't hurt them financially

Finance Optimization

Over the first 12 months of owning their car, we help our Clients optimize their financial situation so they can graduate to a better car

We’re Good At What We Do


Years of Experience


Clients Educated





Our Experts Are the Finest

We have been educated people on car ownership for over 30 years. Our team is comprised of individuals who pioneered the "bad credit, no problem" sector of the car industry. Car dealers are motivated to sell as many cars as possible and make as much profit as possible. 

We decided to put profits aside, and build our car program within a licensed 501(c)3, and revolutionize the car industry. To start, we focus on the section of society who is taken advantage of the most, those with bad or no credit. 

We educate our Clients on financial responsibility and how to buy the right car, with the right mileage, for the right price. Within the first 12 months of owning that car, we continue to educate them and help them improve their credit so they can roll their car equity (that a dealer would usually try and keep), into a nicer car.

Learn more about our revolutionary new car ownership program. 



"NewPath reduced my monthly car payment by 60%
and helped me into a car with lots of equity!"




Let’s Work Together

NewPath Foundation, Inc. 501(c)3

Tel: 385-222-6476

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